Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flirt with Magic: Interrupt Your Routine

You may not know, but I have AMAZING grandparents. They send me packages at Easter and Valentine's Day and 4th of July and just because. Along with a very thoughtful card addressed to moi, they always include a new squeaky toy (I have a thing for monkeys – fyi) and typically a gift card for PetSmart or the Apple store. Tell me they don't know the way to a puppy's heart!

Anywho, one of the characteristics of a highly developed EQ is being a saver – someone who is responsible with their finances. That's soooo me. I don't just blow my gift cards on the first milk bones available, I save up those suckers and pool them all together to buy myself dozens of homemade, faux chocolate-dipped dog-friendly, bacon-infused culinary masterpieces worthy of Top Chef or Cupcake Wars.

That strategy is also how I got the iPad I write this blog on, as well as the iCanine Keyboard attachment that fits my paw print perfectly – saved up my Apple gifts for three years! When you don't impulse buy, you can make much grander purchases over the long run.

One of my favorite apps on my iPad is "TED: Ideas Worth Spreading." If you've never gone there, it's a collection of short (3 to 10 minute) talks from experts in various fields that inspire you with ideas and innovative concepts.

Today, I watched a flashback presentation – 3 minutes delivered in 2005 about how a 50-year-old man discovered he has been tying his shoes the wrong way since he was a boy. I guarantee when you watch it, you'll conclude you tie them the wrong way as well.

What's important about this video isn't the realization about our laces (tied correctly, they'll stop coming undone!), it's about humbling ourselves to the realization that if we're willing to be wrong and to make small adjustments in our routines, we can create bigger results.

The wisdom I'm unleashing:
I have a challenge for all of you: Interrupt your routine today. Start small – brush your teeth and squeeze out the toothpaste with the opposite hand (a challenge without opposable thumbs, thank you!). Wear your watch on the other arm. Drive a new route to the office. Choose a lunch item you'd never think of ordering on the menu. Part your hair on the opposite side. Use the restroom farthest away from your desk. Type text replies on your Blackberry with one hand. Carpool. Park in a different location. Go see a friend instead of driving straight home.

Try it all on, then share your experience with me. What'd you notice? What'd you learn? How did it feel physically to do something new, and when was the last time you felt those feelings? What inspired you?

I imagine it will give you a new perspective and inspire some fresh ideas like TED does for me.

When life becomes routine, we lose the magic and that sense of discovery that's so exhilarating.

Live in pawssibilities. Grab life by the collar.



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