Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Power of Intention on the Track of Life

You may have noticed I've been on hiatus the last few weeks. It's no accident, of course. As a canine, I like to fully embrace the "dog days of summer" and escape for a few blissful fortnights of leisure with the human companions I love the most.

But not to worry – I kept a thorough library of photographs and notes along my journeys, and plan to unleash a plethora of wisdom in the coming days.

I'd like to begin sharing one of my most recent escapades – a trip to the equine animal community in Del Mar, California. It's a story about teamwork and clear intention – two of the most critical principles of highly-developed EQ (emotional intelligence).

Now to set the scene, you must be privy to a little history. My adopted grandparents are Skip and Boodles Williams who live in Coronado – just a few minutes from downtown San Diego. They have a tradition of visiting the Del Mar Racetrack every year when the season opens in mid-July. They don't bet but a few singles on each race, but it's more the fun of taking in the hats and the horses and the hotdogs and the seaside air than it is about picking the ponies.

I had an idea to make the 2011 season special – why not surprise my grandparents with shirts that say "Team Williams." They would think they're cool, they foster team unity, and, to be transparent, it would make it far easier for me to find them in a crowd. I am, after all, looking at life from just 13 inches off the pavement.

I also had an idea to embroider the number 32 on the front of our shirts. 32 is an important number to Team Williams - my grandma and grandpa lost a son who was a professional athlete and that was his racing number.

I presented the shirts the night before opening day and they were a hit! As we were walking up to the track, I noticed how sharp we looked in our uniforms, and made a declaration. It occurred to me that guests might think we owned a horse – so I declared we would have a blast living our race day as if we were equine royalty! Sometimes you humans forget to embrace your inner child as you get older. Us pups are put on this planet to remind you to have a little fun now and again!

Well, not 5 minutes after I made that declaration, the Customer Relations Manager for Del Mar approached my grandpa Skip as we walked through the front gates!! He was curious about Team Williams and grandpa shared how we were honoring our fallen hero, Bob, with the number 32. The gentleman was so touched by our team unity, he asked if we'd like to be his guests in the Paddock and the Winner's Circle when things got started.

If you're not track savvy, let me share this is a pretty big deal. The Paddock is only open to owners who watch their horses parade behind the scenes before each race, giving them a look at the athletes and jockeys before they head for the starting gates. It's exclusive – and really fun!

And if that wasn't enough, in the 4th race, they walked Team Williams to the Winner's Circle where we stood with our toes on the track watching an amazing, young female jockey place first before coming over to celebrate her victory in our little corner of turf ... with the REAL owner of the horse! :-)

Overall, it was just one of those great days that my grandparents and the rest of Team Williams will never forget.

The Wisdom I'm Unleashing
So what's the lesson here? Never underestimate the power of intention and teamwork! I declared the world would think we owned a horse, and within 5 minutes it manifested. We were treated like owners the whole day. And had I been just one little pup in a Team Williams jersey, no one would have even noticed me, but collectively living a dream with my adopted family, so much more was possible.

So get out there and make powerful declarations. Get your intention clear. And play team. Life is so much more enjoyable when you include others in your vision.

Live in pawssibilities.


Photo Caption: By the way, the shot at the top of this post is of my grandparents, Skip and Boodles, in the Paddock before the 4th race! The one here at the bottom is of us coming out of the Paddock tunnel to walk down to the Winner's Circle. Go Team Williams.

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