Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Experience a Limitless Life - See Possibility in Everything

This weekend my mom went to a new course at ChoiceCenter called The Masters Workshop. Naturally, that meant I went too.

Most humans think they're in charge of their pets. Wake up people. That is just an illusion you tell yourselves. Who do you think teaches you discipline and consistency? The animal kingdom. That's who! If we didn't move into your homes and force you to get conscious to feed, water, walk and love us daily, goodness knows where you'd be. We keep your feet on the ground and your heart in commitment. And we're honored to provide this service.

So, like any responsible guardian, I spent the weekend waiting outside the classroom door like a proud parent eager for my child to come out and share what they've learned at school. Listening in, I picked up quite a bit.

The Wisdom I'm Unleashing
Masters is about seeing life, people, and relationships – all of it – as possibilities. As soon as we label something or someone, we create a belief about what it should be, which limits what it could be. Make sense?

It does to me, and yet I experience humans viewing life through goggles of limiting beliefs all the time. They walk into a room looking for a mate and dismiss someone because of how they look, not who they "be." Or they tell themselves they'll never be a millionaire or a philanthropist or a best selling author, giving up on their dreams before they even take a shot at them.

Who says you can't be all those things? Look at me, I'm a dog with a blog. A successful one. Humans might think that's pretty impossible, but here I am world! If you begin to see everything as a possibility, then you can create anything you desire moment to moment. Life's opportunities become limitless!

Are you getting it yet? It's a simple yet challenging concept to explain, and one that is perhaps easier to comprehend through visuals. So, I took a few minutes this afternoon to create an instructional video on "Living in Possibilities" for you.

Enjoy ... and pass around! It's about time you took some of the heavy lifting off the puppies, kitties, hamsters, lizards, birds, snakes and other varietal creatures living in your homes toiling to educate you on how to be your biggest self daily!

Live in pawssibilities.


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